You decide how much to invest and the funds are held in an IOO custodian bank account. The minimum ticket is 5,000 USD. We do not take any fees and you will earn the normal money market bank interest on your amount. You can withdraw your amount at any point in time.
The IOO team screens opportunities in early stage investments. We have partnered with most leading Incubators and Accelerators in the region and globally to bring the most promising investments opportunities. Once the IOO team finds an opportunity that decides to invest in, we prepare the full Due Diligence Documents and share with you along with the Investment Proposal and Teaser. IOO has also partnered with top VCs globally, you get the opportunity to co-invest with a VC in a ‘tag along’ manner.
Once you receive the material, you have one week to respond whether you are ‘Inv’ Or ‘Out’. As soon as you get the full Due Diligence Documents and the Investment Proposal and Teaser we will not be providing further information or details for the sake of time and speed to market. We will inform you on what percentage of the other investors have already said ‘Inv’ on a specific transaction.

At the end of the one week, if you have stated ‘Inv’ and the amount you want to invest, we wire the money to a new special purpose vehicle (SPV) account that directly becomes the new ‘Inv’estor in the startup we just collectively invested in.

As a new ‘Inv’estor, you can enter our highly sophisticated platform and monitor the performance of your investment. If you decide not to invest, your money will remain available for future investment opportunities.

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